HLTAID001 - Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - Multiple Choice Exam
1. If someone is unresponsive and breathing, how do you help keep their airway open?
2. A person is unresponsive and they are not breathing, what should you do?
3. What does the ‘A’ stand for in the acronym DRSABCD?
4. What is the ratio for chest compressions : breaths for adults?
5. How many compressions to breaths for good CPR?
6. What is the normal heartrate range of an adult at rest?
11. When performing adult CPR you give….
12. When performing CPR on a child you give….
13. Which symptoms would indicate internal bleeding?
14. Wounds that would require stitches are….
15. Which is not a symptom of shock
16. When caring for a victim who has a large burn on their forearm, you….
17. When caring for someone who has suffered an electrical burn, you would not….
18. You should suspect that a victim has head and spine injuries for….
19. You may suspect that a student has been poisoned if they…
10. What rate per minute do we perform chest compressions
20. What machine will increase the survival of the person in Sudden Cardiac Arrest
7. A victim of a car accident has just vomited and now appears to be coughing up blood. He is breathing very quickly and his pulse is weak and fast. What is most likely wrong?
8. For which of the following burn victims should you immediately call 000?
9. When helping an unconscious choking victim, you would give an adult____ chest thrusts. For an infant you would give____ back blows and____ chest thrusts.

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