Adult Education Services

IOGTA is committed to addressing the skills shortages facing the Indian Ocean Territories. We understand that finding quality nationally recognised training to meet skills shortage needs in remote localities such as Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, is both expensive and time consuming. IOGTA solves this problem by acting on behalf of local employers and community members to coordinate solution based training programs. 

What we do 

  •           Work with local employers and community members to establish training needs 
  •           Source the best possible training solutions to meet these needs 
  •           Arrange and coordinate appropriate training programs 
  •           Enrol and process relevant paperwork 
  •           In most cases IOGTA pays for trainer flights, accommodation, car hire and other relevant on Island expenses 
  •           Provide quality training venues, with WI FI and smartboard technology 

How much do training programs cost? 

As indicated above, IOGTA usually pays for many of the training expenses associated with each course. The actual training provider cost is then split amongst the number of participants in each course, meaning that costs are variable and dependent on the number of participants. IOGTA also benchmarks its course costs against comparable remote localities in northern WA to ensure competitiveness. 

We are here to help! 

Whether you have a specific training requirement, would like to arrange a skills audit for your organisation or simply would like some training advice, IOGTAs team are happy to help. 

Contact IOGTAs Training Administration Officer 


P: 9164 7220 


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